Lemon's mix: My recent Trip to New York City

Monday, April 21, 2014

My recent Trip to New York City

Some of you, who are also following me on Instagram might have noticed that I spent the last week in New York City.

Particularly I enjoyed this trip because it was very different than my past ones. One main reason why I feel this way was surley that I've been already to all the major sights in the past and had now much more time to look closely at neighborhoods all over Manhattan and Brooklyn. Another reason was probably the fact, that I tried more restaurants than usual and experienced extensively the New York nightlife. But let's stick in this post to my daytime activities and what I enjoyed most:

One of my favorite neighborhoods was Greenwich Village and not just because I finally did something what I dreamed of for years: I went to the famous "Carrie Bradshaw" house which is located on Perry Street.

Carrie Bradshaw House from Sex and the City

And of course, since I was already in the neighborhood, I couldn't resist and stopped as well at Charles Street where Sarah Jessica Parker lives for real. 

Sarah Jessica Parker´s New York City Townhouse

Thanks to this Vogue video, I also know how Sarah Jessica Parker's house looks from inside (just in case you are also interested).

Furthermore I also noticed that Brooklyn has many nice neighborhoods and a lot to explore. Here is what I liked most in Brooklyn:

The outstanding view from the Brooklyn Bridge Park and the view of the Manhattan Bridge if you walk down the Washington Street! (Click here to see the picture I took from the Washington Street). I also totally fell in love with Brooklyn Heights and its promenade.

Lower Manhattan View / Brooklyn Bridge from the Brooklyn Bridge Park

Other neighborhoods I really enjoyed too were Prospect Heights and the western side of Crown Heights. I loved its green space, the vintage shopping opportunities, the nice cafes, the rowhouse buildings and especially the people. Mixed culture everywhere but it seems like all getting along! It was so great to spent an afternoon there.

Cool Pony -  Vintage and modern thrift clothing in Crown Heights

Of course I also spent some time in Williamsburg. For over 4 hours my friend and I explored the Hasidic Jewish neighborhood, the area around Broadway and after a culinary break at Summers, we ended up window shopping at Bedford Avenue.

Summers Juice & Coffee, Williamsburg

So my overall statement to this trip: I barely slept, walked my feet off and got priceless impressions, memories and pictures!