Lemon's mix: At the bottom of the Grand Canyon

Sunday, November 3, 2013

At the bottom of the Grand Canyon

In northern Arizona is one of the most famous natural phenomenon in the world:  The Grand Canyon

We started our trip to the Grand Canyon with a visit to the popular Skywalk, which opened in 2007.
The Skywalk is a "U"-shaped bridge that has a glass floor and is suspended 4000 feet (1219 meter) above the Colorado River.

This attraction is very unique but also a little bit pricey. In addition to the fee for entering the reservation, you have to pay a parking fee and of course the Skywalk ticket itself. The prices are subject to change at any time, but you can surely calculate with 75$ per person.

Grand Canyon Skywalk © Lemon's mix

After the Skywalk, we spent the night in a town called Peach Springs on the historic Route 66. Amusingly, throughout this night I couln't stop thinking about all the road trip horror movies I ever saw! However, I survived the night with a blanket over my head and on the very next morning we took off towards Hualapai Hilltop.

© Lemon's mix

From the Hualapai Hilltop, there are three ways to get to the Supai Indian Village in the heart of the Grand Canyon. You can take a helicopter, ride a mule or hike the 8 miles (13 km) down to the Village. When we arrived, there were no mules or helicopters at all so we did what we originally planned to do: We hiked!

During our five hour hike we met only two locals and five tourists which where on their way back to the hilltop. The Havasupai Trail is relatively easy to hike but officially classified as moderately difficult. For me there was just one tough part - to ascend the very last mile back to the hilltop.

© Lemon's mix

Once arrived at the Village and checked into our “luxury” lodge (which has exactly the same price as the five-star Resort we stayed in Vegas) we went straight to the falls. Our first stop was the Upper Navajo Falls. What a beauty!

Upper Navajo Falls © Lemon's mix

About half a mile from the Navajo Falls is the Havasu Falls and the campground. Even if I'm not a person who likes camping, next time I would certainly stay at the campground instead of the lodge. It must be such a great experience to be at this spot, sleeping in a tent and enjoying the unique atmosphere!

Within two miles, starting from the campground, there are also two more falls where you can hike to: The Mooney Falls and the Beaver Falls.

This -> map <- (which you can get from the lodge) shows you also the hiking trail to the falls.
Havasu Falls & Route 66 © Lemon's mix

When I think back, the trip to Havasupai was just awesome. I would definitely like to return, but also spend more time there and try the helicopter ride.