Lemon's mix: The Birthplace of President John F. Kennedy

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Birthplace of President John F. Kennedy

A few weeks ago I posted on Instagram a photo from JFK's Birthplace and mentioned that this house is in the neighborhood I live right now. Recently I went there again and also joined the tour which turned out to be quite interesting. I really liked all the information about the Kennedy family and their first home before they actually became so powerful and influential. 

And this is the place where it all began:

  The Birthplace of President John F. Kennedy at 83 Beals Street in Brookline, MA © Lemon's mix

Right after their wedding in 1914, Rose and Joseph Kennedy moved into this Colonial Revival house in Brookline (Greater Boston Area). Four of their nine children were also born in this home including John F. Kennedy in 1917.

Master Bedroom © Lemon's mix

In this bedroom on the second floor, Rose Kennedy gave birth to her son John F. Kennedy.

Nursery © Lemon's mix

The christening dress (left) was given to Rose Kennedy by her mother-in-law who had it made by the Franciscan nuns in East Boston where the  family lived. All the children and John Jr., the president's son, have worn this dress.

Living Room © Lemon's mix

 In the living room, the family spent most of their time reading the newspaper, books and playing piano.
 Bathroom © Lemon's mix

 Kitchen © Lemon's mix

Dining Room © Lemon's mix

John F. Kennedy had his meals at the small table by the window. 

Guestroom © Lemon's mix

And this was first the guestroom and later the children's bedroom.

The young family spent here six years before moving to a larger house in the same neighborhood and years later to New York.

John F. Kennedy National  Historic Site is located at 83 Beals Street in Brookline, MA 02446 
You can get there by Subway if you take the green line from Boston to Cleveland Circle (train C) and get off at Coolidge Corner. Then it's just a 10 minute walk to Beals Street.